Han Culture
Yaan is rich of culture of the Han Dynasty, known as the Home of Cultural Relics of the Han Dynasty. Currently, it preserves 188 cultural heritage sites, 264 cultural heritage spots, nearly 20,000 cultural relics and 1,627 rare cultural relics in the collection. The cultural relics of the Han Dynasty are varied, such as Han Que, Han tablet, Han clerical script, Han auspicious beast, Han stone coffin, Han relief sculpture, and each piece of them is a national treasure. The most well-known ones are the Han Stele, Yaan Gao Yi’s Que, Lushan Fan Min’s Que and Stone Inscription, and Tablet of Governor He Pavilion of Yingjing, which can be regarded as the remaining essence of the Han Dynasty. Gao Yi's Que, a national cultural heritage site, was built in 209 AD. It is the largest and best-preserved in China, made of stone with five stories. It is of great value in the study of ancient architecture, stone carving, the art of Han clerical script and the earthquake history in China.
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